Ways Members Can Get Involved

WIN4 Optional Monthly Activities

Business Book Club

The WIN IV Book club meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m.   Usually one woman hosts at her home.  Everyone brings a dish to share and a beverage of choice.   We choose books by consensus and focus on either topics that are business related or those where we can build personal/business skills.   We occasionally view TED talks and discuss as well.

Business to Business Small Group

The B2B group meets every other month and is comprised of business owners who sell products and/or services to other businesses.   The main goal is to learn more about how each business is unique so we can exchange better leads.  Each meeting we share what is new with our businesses and ideas for strong leads.  We give advice for any business concerns and generally support each other with ideas.  The group discusses ideas for teaming up to assist shared clients and ways to present our companies to small groups of business leaders.

Business to Consumer Small Group

The B2C group currently meets monthly and is made up of business owners who sell products and/or services directly to consumers.  Our goals are to share business ideas and support one another.  In addition we help each other understand what customers want, how to motivate them to make a purchase and how to distinguish our companies from our competitors.  Learning more about one another and our businesses in this small group helps our members make strong and appropriate referrals. 

WIN4 Scholarship Team

At the end of each year, WIN4 awards 2-3 ladies, who currently attend college, a $500 scholarship.  The money is pooled from the excess funds from our networking meetings, Winning Words and any member-held fund raisers.  Starting in October, the current Board Vice President works with Family Scholar House to obtain scholarship applicants.  A group comprised of 4-5 WIN4 members review the applications and, as a group, determine which 2-3 to suggest to the WIN4 Board as scholarship winners. 

WIN4 Social Events

Each month WIN4 holds a social event where members can casually get together and enjoy each other’s company. These activities vary from a walk-n-talk in the park to a paid excursion such as painting pottery, having dinner, viewing a show or touring an outdoor garden.  Once or twice a year the group teams-up for charitable outreach (helping with food drives, purchasing holiday gifts, etc.) Although not business related, these gatherings allow us to interact at a different level, strengthening our bonds and helping keep each other “top-of-mind”.