About WIN4

Leading the Way…

Nearly 30-years-ago, a group of business women based in Louisville, Kentucky realized the benefit their male counter-parts gained through business and social organizations. The problem was that these groups, or clubs, were typically restricted to male membership..

So, the women determined to begin their own business association, naming it Women-in-Networking, or WIN, because when women network and promote each others businesses everyone wins.

WIN4 was launched in June of 2008 and is proud to offer social, networking and leadership opportunities to it’s members.

Today, there are 6 Chapters of WIN in the Louisville area.

The 2020 WIN4 Board Includes:

  • President –  Hannelore Goldberg
  • Past President – Kelly Lee
  • Vice President –  Sarah Hodge
  • Secretary –  Shay Evans
  • Treasurer – Stacy Boehniein
  • Membership Director – Gretchen Mahaffey
  • Reservations Director – Joyce Clark
  • Programs Director – Holly Cline